3D Models

Come into our store to get your picture taken in our 3D scanner. We turn that image into an amazing 3D model. Wedding cake toppers, kids, pets? We do it all! Click below for more information.

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3D Plaques

Cant make it to the store? Send us your images to be turned 3D. We can work from many photos or as little as one. See the options by clicking below.

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Etched Crystals

We can turn your 3D scan into a beautiful crystal piece. We can also do use a photo you already have! Click below to find out more!

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Gift Cards

The perfect personalized gift for anyone.

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What to Wear

  • Our scanner does best with clothes that are bright in color and patterned.


  • Shiny materials like leather, jewlery, watches, sequins, metal studs or anything highly polished.
  • Please avoid extremely fine and transparent materials like tulle, silk, and chiffon.


  • Please note that while our models are sturdy they can be fragile in small or thin areas. This may include bills on baseball caps, fingers, etc. These areas may need to be stylized in order to order print properly .


    • Unfortunately glasses must be removed for the scan. They cause a lot of issues with the quality of the print.


    • The definition of “pet” or “pets” is defined as dogs and cats only
    • All pets must be current on all vaccinations. Proof of vaccination will be required before entering Mall of America
    • A General Release form will be required to be filled out before entering the mall of America
    • All pets must be leashed or in a kennel. Leashes must be no longer than six feet. No flex leashes are allowed
    • Pets that cannot be controlled by a leash, must be contained in a kennel or cage
    • No wolves or wolf-dog hybrids will be allowed. No “bully” dog breeds will be allowed
    • Pet owners will be responsible for immediately cleaning up any “messes” created by their pets
    • Customer must meet a ME3D employee outside the mall doors on 3rd floor East entrance only